October 30, 2010
By , Nogales, AZ
Just because you don't see tears
doesn't mean I don't cry.
Just because I'm smiling
doesn't mean there's nothing wrong.

I'm tired of feeling this way,
tired of all those nights of crying
myself to sleep.There's so many things I'd love to tell you,I just don't have the guts,or don't have the chance.

Just because I have a few friends
doesn't mean I don't feel lonely once in a while.Just because I seem complete,doesn't mean I'm not broken inside.

Have you ever wanted to give up?
Ever felt you're not worth anything?Unlike you,I get to see my whole life breaking apart.
Unlike you,I mean it when I say I care.

Just because my eyes shine
doesn't mean there's no pain inside of them.And just because I say I'm alright,I'm okay,doesn't mean it's true.

Cause if you really knew me,
you'd see that I love you more than anything.If you took the time to notice,you'd understand why I'm broken...

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