October 27, 2010
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I feel alone and tired,
I hear her in the whispering wind,
she silently creeps this road,
waiting for the door to let her in.

I feel the way she touches me,
like that night she held my hand,
I threw everything away like it was nothing special,
but in the end it was a happiness I couldn't withstand.

I feel I should go back to The First,
a spectacular marvelous day,
where I didn't feel a pinch of loneliness,
and I believed everything she had to say.

I feel my pure heart race,
as she embraced me in her arms and felt it race too,
it was that one subtle kiss that no one saw,
where I figured out it was the only instant of love that I knew.

I feel recklessly abandoned,
like she was just gone,
maybe I wasn't who I thought I was,
maybe in my conscience, I was cognitively wrong.

I feel an absent regret,
to the speech I never should have said,
deep down, sinking in my gut, I'm sorry,
I let it all go to my numb skulled head.

I feel if I actively listened,
she'd be by my side everyday,
and I finally truly realized,
I figured myself out for the first time today.

I feel I write imagination,
but I know only she will understand,
if you're this somebody out there,
I hope you have listened to what I have said.

I feel alone and tired,
but should I go back to this accustomed touch?
This time I really don't want to,
I miss you so much.

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