To You: You're Dead!

October 27, 2010
By Isaak DeMaio GOLD, Williamsville, New York
Isaak DeMaio GOLD, Williamsville, New York
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Make yourself for you,
don't let anybody fold you down,
make your own choices,
makes your own sounds.
If you let them make you,
they'll break your spine,
fall until your powerless,
be last to the finish line.
They'll stomp all over you,
no one will care,
a heart break waiting to happen,
they're willing to share.
So lead your own life,
'cause you never know what you may miss,
if you let it go by ,
it might end up a little like this:
They won't notice you're there,
they won't even care,
watch them ignore you...
Welcome to this tragic affair.
Wipe off your make up,
and show your dispair,
find out first hand,
these strings that you wear,
a puppet in the hands-
of adversaries, your friends,
they treat you like garbage,
you follow the trend,
they take control of life,
and throw it away,
they never needed you in the slightest,
they won't even meet you halfway,
your life flies by and,
you just sit there and observe-
a paper mache human,
Is this really what you deserve?
... watch them ignore you,
they didn't care,
see they didn't even notice you were there.

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