I Wanna Be Her

October 27, 2010
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How could I,
The one that felt higher than the sky
Turn so depressed and fall at my lowest low.
The point that was the hardest go.

Once upon a time I felt like a queen,
The luckiest teen.
Everything changed in a such a drastic way,
I just wanted to stay home every day.

Tears filled my hopeless eyes,
Hearing and facing the unforgettable lies.
It all seems like it would fade
But only more was made.

The days go on and time got rough;
But I, I am tough.
Yet you are the one that makes me weak,
The one I want to be with every week!

You might not believe me
I'm willing to try to make you see,
You are the one thing I constantly think of.
The one person I want to love.

I've never felt anything like this,
All I ever wanted was just one kiss.
But now my chance will never be
Because you loved her before me.

Tell me this, why her?
What is so special about her?
Is it something I can't do,
Or is it simply something you don't want me to do.

It's killing me inside to live without you,
To think that one I want is untouchable.
Gone forever, out of reach.
That's what terrifies me.

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