October 27, 2010
I had a dream.
A dream about light and rain
And things that conspired
Against shadows.

Then the ground began to pull
And curl,
It twisted.
Soon it was falling apart.
The streets became Dangerous,

The GIANTS burned
into dust.
Everything we held tight
slid away.
Things that motivated us
slithered out
From between our fingers.

They blew far past us.
Traveling with
The ever-changing winds.
And we were stranded.
Our cars had rotted
Into rusty corpses.
Decaying purple and yellow
And bolts.

No money,
And no factories.
Nothing was the same.
Nothing was left,
But flowers and vines consuming
the old metal ways.
Lost culture.
New beginning.
We started to change.

Our fingers
Did the work they were intended.
Our naked feet
Feeling the earth
for the first time.
Eyes once vacant
were inhabited.

And alive.

That's what everyone noticed.
We were alive . . .
We were living.

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