Crying And Lying

October 27, 2010
I never say what I really mean,
but I still expect you to know.
But that's 'cause I'm sure that if I told,
you'd only judge and say I'm too "negative."

And it's not like there's no way to tell,
it's really just right between the lines.
But you're too preoccupied to notice,
and who knows if you really care.

So you ask me why I cry,
and so I tell you a lie.
It's 'cause I'm sick if keeping it all inside,
but letting it out is only worse.

So I'll continue to cry,
and keep living this lie.
And you'll live in your world
full of smiles and joy.

And you'll pretend not to realize
(you'll pretend really good)
that underneath your perfect grins and smirks
are the tears and the lies
that tear us up inside.

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