October 27, 2010
By Masked. SILVER, Austell, Georgia
Masked. SILVER, Austell, Georgia
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Everyone Else Looks Into The Mirror
Content With Themselves And Their Lives
Looking In Their Face And Noticing No Apparent Flaws
Just Glimpsing At Their Reflection In The Mirror
Taking The Gift Of Sight As A Blessing As They See Their Reflection
I Believe In God, But I Take My Sight As A Curse
Every Morning, I Look Into The Mirror And Sigh In Disgust
Not Because I Am Unappealing, But Because A Day Of Struggles Lies Ahead
There Are No Oustanding Impurities, But The Reflection Of Me Reveals Much More
My Glazed Eyes Hiding The Fleeting Nature Of My Barely Beating Heart
My Hands That Have Wiped Away Lakes Of Tears And Fostered My Head As I Went To Sleep Telling Myself A Dream That Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today
My Chest That Conceals A Heart That Is No Better Than A Common Piece Of Swiss Cheese, Holes Of Heartbreak That Punch Themselves Into That Which Is Seemingly Impervious To Anything On The Outside
My Feet Which Have Been Used Many Times To Run Away From Real Life And My Ever Present Nightmares
Every Time I Look Into The Mirror, Instead Of Looking And Walking Away, I Want To Jump Into It And Vanish
Go To A Place Where I Am Not Necessarily Like Everybody Else, But I Am Embraced For Being Me
Where The Spirit Is Embracing And The Intellect Is Wide
Where I Could Mesh And Not Be Seen As An Outcast
But, Most Of All, I Wish That No One Even Notice That I Was Gone So I Would Never Have To Come Back
Sólo quiero que desaparezca
I Just Want To Disappear

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