October 27, 2010
I fell in love with a brown-eyed boy.
Played me—I was just his toy.
Hung me up like a piece of art.
To be found he lacked a heart.

My mistake, my mistake.

He gained my trust with his charming smile,
How fool of me to think we'd even last a little while.
"You have no idea how much I love you.”
How many girls did he say that to?

My mistake, my mistake.

Grief and sorrows waked in his path.
He handled matters with an uncaring laugh.
Lies stretched to hide the truth.
It was all just a clever ruse.

My mistake, my mistake.

Looking back, I see so much.
How our love was nonesuch.
Insincerity at every turn—
Artificial, phony, unconcerned.

My mistake, my mistake.

“Things just weren't meant to be,”
He said as an apology.
I laughed, short and brisk.
Not even bothering to come up with a witty quip.

Not my mistake, your mistake.

I left with my heart in tow.
You were reluctant to let it go.
When it came to faking love, you were no amateur.
Just ask me and her. Oh, and did I forget her?

Your mistake, your mistake.

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