I Still Feel for Him

October 27, 2010
By , Henderson, NV
Well, this is just my luck.
The boy I really liked couldn't even fight for "us."
I liked him more than you could ever describe in words.
So this feeling that I have for him is so strong that it hurts.
I'm slowly getting over him, it won't take that fast.
So I have to go on everyday, forgetting about the past.
The feeling that I had for him was so very strong.
That sometimes I think to myself, what exactly went wrong?
I know that I shall never forget him.
For I was so happy that I had even met him.
I still remember that day he set me free.
To go out with this girl that I truly envyed.
I just wonder, what if we were still together?
But then I like us as friends much better.

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