Web of Deception

October 26, 2010
By Peace.Love.Music. PLATINUM, Los Angeles, California
Peace.Love.Music. PLATINUM, Los Angeles, California
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I'm living as a spider, in my web of deception.
Wrapping in my prey, feeding my lies to them and hoping they won't break free.
Do I believe it is right? Getting these innocents tangled within my ugly web?
I do not feed off misery. I feed off of the fact that I'm not who they think I am, I'm not me. I can be anyone I want to be with a simple white lie.
So I sit. Beckoning these innocent little creatures into my self- made web.
I treat them like friends, and then go behind their backs, and eat them from the inside out. Tangle them in my web of lies.
Unconscious now, so wrapped up in my falsehood that they don't know what's real and what isn't anymore.
Is this the way I really want it? The truth and lies now so far that each is indistinguishable.
"You are so perfect" they say, but little do they know, I am far from faultless. I am the very thing that keeps them from being in fact, perfect beings.
One small truth can now spoil everything, tear the web that I have worked so hard to build, apart forever.

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