Through Mine Eyes

October 26, 2010
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The sky is blue against the clouds,
Lightning dashes across the vacant canvas,
Rain dribbles to the ground
In my mind, a constant think.
A sonnet describes a love that is lost,
Why not write of a love that will last?
What is gain with someone never to be held?
As a tree fails to hold the wind,
Her feigning whispers seep right through him,
Or only for him-tree to be knocked down.
As the sand holds the waves,
She is only washed away.
Yet they stay and will never yet leave
Though they hold for not,
They will never yet leave.

The sky is blue against the clouds,
A paint-stroke of a million innocent colors at morn.
Blue mountains outline the grassy ground,
And green footsteps follow the morning prayers.
At evening, the mountains reach to kiss the color of the skies
To blush them red at sunset.
The moon rises steadily as it has set.
Stars blip and trip over each others’ light,
As night mixes in with their radiance,
It is a promising black.
Give a thousand years,
Still left unchanged.
These are the constant things.

The sky is grey against the falling water onto a dying leaf.
It cries,
‘If only sooner had you shown your face,
Fallen on me a time gone.
Now my green is gone, as is my last beauty.
You leave me brown as the mud unto where I lay.
Now you fall.
Do you mock me blue?
Leave me in peace’.
A simple story,
It happens more than you think.

Blue falls outside my window.
Do you long to be inside?
The outside wants in as the inside wants out.
So I will turn myself inside out,
My room and eyes,
And look within for a time.

It is the difference that I like you.
White walls behind sweet faces,
Time echos in my mind across from me,
My stomach yearns for the food I cannot eat,
For my heart yearns for what you give;
The food of thought,
The bread and wine of the philosophers.

Through mine eyes you will last forever.
Through mine eyes never will you fade.
Through mine eyes time is unchangeable.
Through mine eyes, my teacher, it will always be as this.
These words will never fade
As long as you remember.
Dear teacher,
You are forever through mine eyes.

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