Pine Tree

October 28, 2010
By TNEBfire20 BRONZE, Leominster, Massachusetts
TNEBfire20 BRONZE, Leominster, Massachusetts
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Short and little; innocent it seems
You sprout from the ground in the sunny beams
Green and beautiful, with needles of jade
Until fall, when they begin to fade

A sickly yellow is what they become
Your branches are stripped, oh so glum
They cover the grass, which is slowly dying
My face is wet, for I am crying

The pure white begins to fall
And forms and colorless, winter wall
You still stand tall, with bravery
Even though you are a cold, naked tree

As years go by, the same cycle occurring
Cells inside you are growing and stirring
You tower high above me
Hiding me so the sun can’t see

Until the air again, begins to chill
A yellow needle falls in my lap and I become still
A wave of hurt crashes upon me
And I know you will be hurting, no more glee

I huddle up against your brown trunk
My heart, full of sadness, inside my chest, has sunk
Another yellow needle falls by my cheek
A world without death is what I seek

Even though I know you will become green again
I wish your needles would stop their rain
As chill sweeps across my being
I get up and begin fleeing

Then I remember you are stuck in this place
Cold an dying, but with a brave, happy face
I turn back and again sit beside you
I will sit here until I hear my mother coo
In this time many more needles fall
I cry a soft sob until my mother’s call
I get up and walk away with pride
Even though I’m cold, I show my brave side

You taught me well, to always be courageous
Your being and soul is almost contagious
Over you, I will never again shed a tear
You will come alive again next year

And when you do, next spring
I’ll be waiting below you, ready to sing
I will again be filled with happiness and joy
And learn to love life and always enjoy

The author's comments:
The tree is showing the girl about the way of life. What inspired me was the pine tree in my neighbor's yard that we always used to play under.

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