Ode To Buddy

October 28, 2010
By ReflectingRain BRONZE, Hampton, Iowa
ReflectingRain BRONZE, Hampton, Iowa
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Long ears, hanging limp on strings
Matted gray fur
Light blue eyes, like a blind mans
Partially shaven by a young girl's experiment

Buddy, the thing that means the most to me
Calms me, in all his stuffed animal glory
The smell of home wafts off of him
The smell I most long for in this weird place
The only thing of home left to me

Forever I want him here
With me always
So long he has been with me
More then sixteen years
The reminder of childhood
The reminder of a simpler time

So much has happened to you over the years
All because of a foolish girl
Even though I may be cruel
You are always there for me Buddy

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