October 28, 2010
By JelliJessi GOLD, Lake Stevens, Washington
JelliJessi GOLD, Lake Stevens, Washington
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With the midnight glares,
and the pushes.
One gets hit,
By five.
They couldn't careless,
if they hurt you
Even if you've done nothing,

They don't stop
until your still.
With blood all around you,
They leave you there
to die,
in a world of pain.

When someone finds you,
you're as cold as ice,
and stiff as a stone.
They call for help
but no one can help.
You were left for death.

Friends and family gather around,
in tears you yell,
but no one can hear.
Tears stream down,
their cheeks.
You look at yourself,
in a coffin.
Pale as snow.

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