Talk is cheap

October 28, 2010
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Talk is cheap,
Gossip and rumors fly fast,
Like the fastest mail system,
Only made through human hatred

The most painful forms of words are invisible at first,
Until the real pain sinks in and embeds into hearts,
Rumors cause more pain then any type of weapon,
Because they have no bulletproof vest for words

We are nothing without love,
We are nothing but dust,
Piling up on forgotten articles,
In dark and cold places

Where has humanity gone?
Wheres all the love?
It has all but completely left our memories,
All but left our souls, heart, and deepest thoughts

Speaking words of pain and hate,
Only causes love to be more hidden,
Our hearts now have padlocked doors,
When they used to have open gates

Learning to love one another is like learning a new language,
All the new and strange material may not make sense at first,
But somewhere along the line there must be a degree of understanding,
Wether or not you choose to speak freely in the language of love,
Is up to what your heart tells you to do

Unlock the locks on your barricaded and dusty doors,
Break the chains holding your love in a cold cage,
Burst through hates persuasive grasp,
And show the rest how to love like you do

Talk is value,
Flying into others hearts,
Like the fastest mail system,
Only made by human love.

Please open your doors.

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