A Twisted Fairytale .

October 30, 2010
By , mahrashtra, India
This is a poem of a small girl called snow white and 7 short guys better known as the 7 dwarfs.
NO not that boring story of the girl and the witch and the prince, I mean come on this is the 21st century and you got to be kidding me …so here goes :

There was a lovely girl,
Who wore silver pearl?
Around her lovely hand
And lived in fairy land.

She had a stepmother
And a cruel brother
They owned a magic mirror,
But one-day things got queerer.

Their magic mirror got robbed
And all day long they sobbed
Where could it have gone?
Who was it that did such wrong?

Far away in the woods
Was where the thief’s house stood.
7 in number, all short and wise
And the queen they did despise.

One was grumpy, another dumpy,
One was frumpy, his brother lumpy,
The twins were chip and dale,
And the eldest one was really frail.

They were miners by profession
And each was filled with depression.
For they were poor and stale,
As their boss was as bad as a gale.

But with their new possession
They changed their profession,
And they became millionaires,
In just one day.

But how you may ask,
What was that task?
That made them so rich
You may say,

They used the magic mirror,
As a celebrity fortune teller…
When couples would break-up,
Which new project they should take up.

Which movie would be a hit?
And which ones were likely to give their producers a fit.
Sought after by fans and heroes alike,
From flip-flops they jumped to Nike.

The moral of this story, my friends
Is to go ahead and make amends,
Do not worry, do not fear
Just go ahead and steal a magic mirror!

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