What Makes Me Human

October 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Riddle me this...
What makes up the first kiss?
Is it the love in the each others eyes? Or when you hold hands and the time just flies?

One day David and Karen met.
But they never thought of marraige yet.
Only dating less than a year.
Down on one knee, everything but cheer.

No one thought it would last.
And the years weren't a blast.
At the age of eighteen out came my brother.
No on thought she was ready to be a mother.

To prove everyone wrong they tried for one more.
Out came another boy to adore.
Due to medical needs and lack of money,
Goodbye David Jr, our young little buddy.

Five years have past and oh wait whats this?
A baby girl with love and bliss.
She didn't know what she was born into.
But later in life she showed what she could do.

She loved school and loved to study.
She was cute like her mom and funny.
Never a girl girl this one.
Just outdoors, woods and fun.

Growing up was quite hard.
Parents always arguing, she never let down her guard.
Maturing quickly and focusing on school,
Was the only way to get away and make her own rules.

Cheating mother and drunken father.
She cant go any farther.
Brothers gone, shes all alone.
There's no one to call on the phone.

Promising herself never to divorce.
That only leaves, happiness and true love of course.
Learning from her parent's mistakes.
Leaves her from becoming a basket case.

To mature for a boy her own age.
She feels locked and alone in a cage.
She knows true love will come.
Well duh, she isn't that dumb.

Never rushing one thing.
Stop and smell the roses she is thinking.
Why hurry if my time will come?
And for now this rhyme is done.

The author's comments:
This was a creative writing assignment. Just based it off my own life.

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