Bad News

October 29, 2010
By Mel1993 GOLD, Waitsfield, Vermont
Mel1993 GOLD, Waitsfield, Vermont
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It's funny,
the way life works.
Even great news doesn't bring a family together
not like this.
Not like bad news.
Bad news circulates
bad news makes things:
Worse? Obviously.
Sad? Given.
A little hectic? Sure.
But nothing can tear it apart.
When bad news is brought
Family brings it right back
looks life in the face
tells it to back off.
Bad news doesn't stand a chance
Not here.
Not now.
Not like this.
Life is too short.
But every second counts.
It can't be slowed down,
It can't be paused.
Things happen
Sometimes for a reason
Maybe not
Maybe bad timing
Maybe fate
But nothing breaks a family.
Not even bad news.

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