Ironic, is It Not?

October 29, 2010
By , Arlington, VA
When we first met,
You were so broken inside
From all the times that he'd hurt you,
From all the times that he lied.

Even though I never met him,
I already knew I wanted him dead.
All I could do was listen,
And wait for all that could be said was said.

Seasons came and went,
But your smile was still so pained.
Like rotting on an apple,
His wrongs left your heart stained.

I got angry at you all the time,
But really I was mad at what he made you.
Knowing that everytime you look at me,
You saw not only me but him too.

Then came the day I thought was good-bye,
Not knowing what I'd do then.
When it was one o'clock here,
There it would be ten.

After a week of missing you so much,
I heard something that felt like good luck.
You were gonna come back, you were gonna come back
Maybe life didn't have to suck.

I spent a lot of my time asking,
Hi there, how are you today?
You gave me the short answers,
Kept pushing me away.

Still, I kept trying;
Thinking it was all in my head.
Coming online to talk with you,
Whenever I got outta bed.

Then the time was drawing near,
Back here you would fly.
But low and behold,
You found a new guy.

But this guy was different,
No lies and no pain.
I guess this long-distance,
Wasn't in vain.

But when you came back,
Something was odd.
I'd see you and say hi,
But you would just nod.

You looked like you, smelled like you
But you this person was not.
Like all those time we shared,
Had all been forgot.

The pain of being thrown away,
That's the pain that can't be forgot.
Now you're the one whole and I the one broken,
Ironic, Is it Not?

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