The Jumper

October 28, 2010
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After she watched the sunset she, stood on the rail of the balcony.
Begging for forgiveness, she wanted a second chance.
Closing her eyes, she started to cry.
Did she really have to jump?
Even now she could see that poor dying woman.
Get off the rail, she told herself.
I tried to swerve out of the way.
Jump! You deserve to die, a voice said in her head.
Knowing what her family would think of her death, she tries to come down.
Letting go of what happened would be hard.
Maybe she was making a mistake.
Nobody deserves to die.
Oh, why can’t I just redo this whole thing?
People below her start to crowd.
Quick jolts of fear run up her spine.
Regret. She starts to climb down.
So you think you can live with all this, the voice said again.
This time you can’t win she said to the voice.
Unbelievably, she walks back inside.
Why did I do this anyway? she asked herself.
Extremely relieved, she walked outside.
You can’t do this! the voice yelled.
Zooming around the block she started dancing.

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