So these are the moments

October 28, 2010
By , Campbell RIver, Canada
So these are the moments,
So this is how life is supposed to be.
The moments of my life were dark and dreary,
Now I realize darkness may hold the key.
The smell of smoke drifting in the midnight sun
The sharp sound of a gun, explodes in the air, it is done.
Signalling that my life has just begun.
Darkness holds the key.
It’s a silent love song
A goovin’ tune, a busy bee.
A starry night, the chilling air,
Holding you close, breathing in the smell of your hair.
So these are the moments,
So this is how life is supposed to be.

Through my life, i have had many friends,
In those intense moments, you know who’s just not a trend.
Those who jump mountains and fly over decks just to hold your hand,
Those who know you need them without demand.
The late night walks to far out places,
Defending those who hurt your friends, with sour words and unknown faces.
So this is how life is supposed to be.
Friends can save your life, who never give up.
Friends you know are your backup.
Friends from kindergarten, Friends no more.
Friends forever, through the thick and sore.
Friends in distant places, that you know will always be there.
Friends to talk to about things that others wouldn’t dare.
So this is life.
So this is how it’s supposed to be.

Growing up, finding challenges you’re not prepared to fight.
A spilled drink,
A cut knee,
Silly fights.
Too many drinks.
Self inflicted cuts.
A broken heart,
Endless cry’s into the night.
You grow to learn that life is about challenges and how u deals with them.
You grow to see yourself grow into that precious gem.

So these are the battles, these are the wins.
The times you learn that life doesn’t always have to end in a inn.
You learn what love is.
You learn Regret.
You learn hate.
You learn that life isn’t always a piece of cake.

But this is life, this is how its supposed to be.
These are the moments that will always remain with me.
You learn that darkness holds the key.

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