We do, We become, We are.

October 27, 2010
By , Campbell RIver, Canada
Im closing up
I cant restrain
The clouds are rolling over
The flood of evermore
BloodRed and shot
I can no longer see
I am blinded by something
I cant find the key.
My life has turned into
A endless clouded dream.
I have made some mistakes
My body is shaken
How could i have gone
And lead my life to be this wrong.
The air rushes through my body,
The oxygen trys to reach my soul.
Its a endless try, with too many attempts
Now i walk around,
With a body and no heart no soul
It was long given away, and long lost.
I fear to tread this world full of uncertainty.
Everything good is always lead astray.
I am consumed by fear
I am blinded by pain.
I have nothing to offer but this feeling of blame
I walk in this world, with tears of agony
Unseen and unheard i pay my debt
Everything is a constant reminder
Of my f***ed up choice
Alone in this world
I am misguided by many
We are all swallowed by our own hate
Caught up in reality and what we want
We trust all so easily, say i love you too freely
We become what we have always loathed.
We go to extremes to become others dreams.
On the way,
We loose ourselves

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