Do we exsist?

October 27, 2010
By , Campbell RIver, Canada
Frankly this world seems too small.
No wonder the world speaks of floods, and deep ravines.
So many hopeless dreams, so many empty tears.
Everything is felt to much, while reality never really hits.
All words and actions are the mistakes of others,
We as humans have done nothing wrong.
Our eyes feel heavy with the life we carry.
Over exaggeration?
or do I just let my heart fall too far.
I don’t want to, leave me alone.
Leave me at the gates of hell, are we all pushed to far.
Was my ability to really care burnt, do I need someone around to prove I can feel.
Or do I feel no more? Do I live to be a toy for others?
Have I been driven to the point of insanity, or am I the sane one struggling to accept reality.
But how can you accept it, when the world seems to fighting against the sun rise.
In fact, just like all things that was once beautiful.
Did it just burn your right to feel?
Did it stab your spine and all that made you live.
Did it drive into your gut and wretch out your heart?
Have you let your soul leak out,
Am I only shell, will I break with one more hit.
Am I sitting on the bitter edge.
Absorbing the nature of those around me.
Do I really exist?

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