cloud 9

October 21, 2010
i don't quite get it
did i miss understand you somehow
did you just say you loved me
is my head in the clouds
has my dream made its way to life
am i really who you chose
from every girl in this world
can you only imagine me and you
are my eyes what you dream of
looking into everyday
and did you really mean it
when you said you were here to stay
can you really not imagine
your life without me
do you really want me to meet your parents
and maybe even grow old eventually
i dont understad
what you see in me right now
my hair is a mess
my makeup resembles a clown
i guess what i'm saying
is i'm not used to this
you caught me off guard
when we had our first kiss

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fatesknocking said...
Jan. 18, 2011 at 5:41 pm
<3 beautiful.
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