October 25, 2010
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Your new untainted Timberlands carefully pick out a path through the thick white sheets of snow.
With each step the fluffy powder gives way, crunching in defeat.
As your hand clasps around the handle to the back door of the wood shop room, you glance down at me.
Cold, heartless eyes twinkle in delight as you take in the brutal scene your created.
Turning your back, you saunter into the warmth of the building, locking it behind you.
My body screams as the door clanks closed.
Red, numb fingers, clutch at the sky.
Gathering like spilt ink, blood pools between the notches of my snapped ribcage.
Leaving behind the impressions of your anger.
Pain hugs my spine and wraps its deathly fingers around my chest.
Reminding me with every budge, the mistake i made.
Panic finds a home inside me,
Cries for help remain blocked, hidden behind clattering teeth.
Bright lights blur my vision as the pain squeezes tighter
Refusing to let my lungs contract.
Eyelashes grasp for eachother unwilling to let the tears seep through.
The icy wind burns as the water on my cheeks frost over.
Snowflakes sink to the ground weighed down by the tangible silence
As a bed of snow embraces my battered remains.

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