I Miss My Friend

October 25, 2010
By , Bloomington, IL
As thin dry wood lay before me,
As a cubic shaped card board marked “TOYS”

Lay before me.
As a decision or signature lay before me.
I reminisce what I love most.
Most, I love the lush, erected grass comfort us, as the breeze swept us underneath.


Always the green bed from the topsoil treated us warm.
Most, I love when the crescent moon cradled us, as you suffocated in my arms.


Always the silent night lullabies us to sleep.

Even, most I loved when your tail worked to get away from me, as we played cat and mouse.


Always, I caught you but defenseless… cause apologetic, your cooling licks froze the sweat

Scorching my face.


That was then.
Now, this dry wood of paper lay before me.

This cubic shaped, cardboard box lay before me.
Two Signatures and a decision…

Lay before me.
I wrote my companions name on the box, etched “TOYS.”

I cried.
As I wrote the second name on the paper, she looked up at me… curious.
She tilted her head.
She was clueless.
She didn’t know she would never look at me again.
She didn’t
She didn’t know that we both were staring at fading ghosts,
She didn’t and will never know what I missed most,

I miss my friend.

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