Why Fear What Does Nothing?

October 25, 2010
In the darkness we all do fear.
Never questioning what we think is real.
Why would a man's empire swallow him whole?
Even though they already own his soul.

Protectors from the dark, Though they control.
They created a species and not a soul may know.
Good and evil, Only sand castles to the infinite gods.
They hide themselves so no man knows the true odds.
What would give you the right to begin and understand?
Paper that can burn and quickly disappear in the deserts sand?
Or maybe because you believe that you are the master of the land.

Immortal creatures watching construction since conception.
An ancient empire content with watching the faults of others.
They've found nourishment in the aid of the meek, Though blinding the weak.
Though they are masters of the shadows, They may be the truth you seek.

Just the thing for fear, They may turn out to be as real,
As anything you've believed in innocence, Nothing can reveal.
They are hidden and only in death may they be found.
Deathly figures hooded in all black, Pointing the way into the ground.

Don't you dare hurt another for they are protectors.
They will not allow corruption in a land where they are directors.
Believe or not, This is or choice in life, I only warn of this doom.
For if you plan to corrupt a soul, You better lock every door to your room.

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RedvinesWTHCantTheyDo said...
Jun. 24, 2011 at 9:47 pm
I really really REALLY like this sooooo much. I can't really form a comprehensive sentence. That's how much I love it. Sheer genius :)
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