October 25, 2010
By , Germantown, NY
Wires, bars, coldness
I can barely tweet,
I've lost my sing.
My want
Want to dance, to love life.
Ever since they've
Stashed me away,
Stole my light.
Why? How long?
I don't understand.
I was beautiful.
I was magnificent.
My perch,
They took me down.
Dragged me, pulled me
Hurt me, clenched me.
It's hard to breathe,
Dust, and dirt blanketed.
It's musty, old rats.
I miss my sun, bright
And shinning.
Can't escape.
I'm all bruised,
All banged up.
Wires don't even budge.
I'm trapped, hungry
Starving for food,
Starving to live,
Starving to SING.

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