Blood in the Ground

October 26, 2010
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Blood in the Ground

The name was one without a soul,
Alyssa is from something else.
It comes from Alice and Alicia,
Who are they?
Alyssa means noble, sweet, and honest.
It comes from the alyssum flower, which was thought to cure madness,
And rabies.
Perhaps I should worry about my own madness first.

“I’m contemplating words that begin with the letter M.”…

Does a name shape you?
Or do you shape your name?

My name does not shape me.

My confirmation name was one I chose,
I chose it because of its meaning.
Francesca means free.
I guess it could be something I want for myself.

My name does not shape me.

My middle name was chosen by my parents,
Kathleen is another empty name:
Dependant on the name, Katherine.
The meaning is pure,
Like the immaculate angels in a stark white heaven,
Ruled by fog.
I know.

How boring!

My name does not shape me.

Adamson is son of Adam,
But I guess you could have guessed that.
Adamson means red earth,
Where blood rises to the surface.
Adamson was given to me for a reason.
As if I wasn’t weird enough.

My name does not shape me.

How disturbing.

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