Goodbye, My Darling

October 26, 2010
By tdubin123 PLATINUM, Nyc, New York
tdubin123 PLATINUM, Nyc, New York
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I search deep within your ebony eyes for a mere sign of life. They sink into your worn our, withered face. The lines that decorate you form elaborate patterns- each holding memories. Each crease, each imperfection shows a life of great emotion. I know you don't want to die. My beautiful darling, no one wants to die. These months of pure agony have brought us to this place. Led us to the badly lit hospital, led us to this cheap, spartan room, to the TV with only 10 channels. Les us to you losing your thin white hair. The former joy you once held so tightly within you slowly vanished. A mask of indifference and hidden fear covers the face i love so dearly. Be strong- my love. The doctors may have lost hope by my faith in your strength has persevered and will continue to last an immortal life. I love you and though your body is slowly decaying, though your handsome face is long lone, I have never loved you more. For this, this is what great poets spend their lives attempting to explain. This blind, effortless devotion.
(Saying to her husband as he lies motionless)
Please don't leave just yet..stay with me a couple more seconds in this planet we named Earth. Talk to me- my knight! Please say something! Tell me you haven't forgotten, tell me our love remains!

(As the elderly woman please, as she cries her salty tear, as she screams at the top of her aged lungs- her husband's spirit departs.)

The author's comments:
The love that they share is something that is amazing and powerful and sad. Even though he is dying, she is completely devoted.

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