Fading in

October 26, 2010
To disappear completely, is to never be born at all.
Oh no I am dead and gone.
My heart and soul consist of cold stone.
The angels shout and sing.
I send you all my blessing.
This is my song from beyond the grave.
To sit and write in peace, is a wish come true.
I will to miss you.
No I won’t I lied.
Haha you sat there and cried.
Not knowing I was thankful to leave you behind.
I know about your wandering eye.
I see you from heaven and I watch your every sin.
Laugh out loud you are not allowed in.
Pass the golden gates you will never go.
Because you can’t change your ways you refuse.
Look at my arm, my face, look at this black and blue bruise.
That I got from you.
A gift that makes me regret.
Ever meeting you.
Ever caring.
Quit staring at my coffin I am done good bye.
I wake up with a tear in my eye I miss you little by little.
Every day as it passes I slowly get over.
I can’t see you anymore you have completely disappeared.
To disappear completely, is to never be born at all.

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