The Hero

October 26, 2010
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When I finally have the ball at my feet I look up for my passing options. But my teammates were all covered like the ground hidden by autumn leaves, so I decide to look at the clock for a split second and I feel my heart sink into my stomach; 10, 9, 8…
I realize this is my chance to make something happen, to make a difference, to be the hero. I start dribbling like my life depends on it, looking around me again and again but I have no options. Adrenaline kick-starts my heart to a faster speed than I was running. A defender attempts to tackle me, but as he comes flying in he realizes that I already beat him with a step over move, as I go on with a speck of a smile on my face because I heard the oohs and aahs in the crowd as I arrived atop the 18 yard box my face lights up because I see that I have an opportunity to shoot as the goalie, he’s out of position. The ball explodes from my feet as I hit it as hard as I can, but at the same time with control. It was a perfect shot, headed to the upper right corner, no spin on the ball, but the goalie is going for it, too. He dives, reaching for the ball, he jumps to an extraordinary length. Is he going to reach it? Here’s the play at the goal line, it’s going to be close…
I stop daydreaming, and I realize it’s time to get on the field and do it all over again, for real the real thing.

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