Black Love

October 20, 2010
By QueenDpoetC BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
QueenDpoetC BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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should I have our love written in a decree
for you to admit that you belong to me
our souls dance while our bodies are intertwined
your hands facing mine our fingers aligned
your love breakin the wall that I've built
can you tell how my feelings they tilt
like an uneven load on a seesaw
look inside me I want you to see all
for you were once a starting fire in my heart
but something beautiful and special was created from that spark
you have become the everlasting burn in my soul
I would say you complete me
but I was already whole
so can we together ignite a fire so strong
that only God himself can declare our love wrong
can we build a house so gorgeous and grand
that it can only be torn down with Gods hands
can we create a power strong as a winter storm
that only the SON can restore the warm
breathe with me a life as beautiful as a morning sunrise
feel with me the pleasure of love not sex
oh no my sweet taste of honey don't fret
for the time will come when you and I shall be together
not for short term like death it's forever
even when you're gone our love won't weather
your spirit will dance with mine if not completely take over
our minds are symmetrical can you draw it's shape
you were once the clouds hovering over heavens gates
cool and sweet as kisses planted on my cheek
now when you kiss me my body feels weak
I love who you are you're truly unique
so onto this paper my true feelings I leak
you are the spark in my heart
the fire that burns in my soul
the thoughts lingering in my head
the sweetest dream when my eyes close
you are the epiphany of true love
so through your deep eyes into your soul I dove
truth registered on your face finally I say
"I love you too" as the tears in my eyes stray
and finally fall

The author's comments:
My parents inspired this

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