Wish you were here

October 20, 2010
By alexis101 SILVER, Houston, Texas
alexis101 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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It's those moments in the dark at night,
when you're lying in bed,
trying to think about nothing,
but your mind is on everything.

You want to take those feelings away.
Allow yourself to hate me.
Hatred means you feel something, anything,
besides anger and grief.

But if hurting myself would help you,
I would fall to the floor.
Make the red appear.
Force you to be okay.

I want you to move on but not forget.
Why is this so hard?
Deciphering feelings and motives,
of someone who has no heart anymore.

Not knowing what to feel,
is this unbearable limbo,
I wish I knew what to do,
When sorry's not enough.

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