October 20, 2010
By alexis101 SILVER, Houston, Texas
alexis101 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Misty Haze that cannot be lifted.
I'm alone.
As I think I see stars I'm shook awake
his face barely registers.

Push through the clouded state.
Not You.
Let me go peacefully while I still can.
But no, breathing is better shallow.

The pain is there, roughly subdued,
I'm numb.
I float backwards, or maybe I fall.
Warmth above me, covered.

Want to dream of you saving me.
He's here.
Faded into black yet you come into view.
There's nothing between us now.

Tears don't come I can't feel a thing.
Hand move.
Wish I wasn't on my back, trapped.
I felt safe with you only.

Now I know I won't be saved.
Arms above.
Buzzing, upside down, reeling, spinning.
Even this doesn't let me escape you.

So much weight, I'm being crushed.
He's dead.
No, just in my head, easier to take.
If you only knew.

Blood rushes and I'm pulled.
Open up.
My only vice gets me this,
I just can't wake up alone.

No more thinking, I let myself go.
Leave me.
Falling is so serene no more fault.
Mind goes blank and you're with me.

I taste only you, and feel your lips.
Just pretend.
I hear the echo of your words,
shhh baby it's all okay.

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