October 20, 2010
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I scream at the people in my head
I fight with them, so they will understand
Though- sometimes- I don’t get it either.
I ask them
For clarity and decisions
My mind is like a broken record,
Archaic, spinning, and on repeat.
The lyrics go like,

Run, before someone else does
Run, before you are left behind
Run, or there will be consequences
Run, away from the crushing weight
Run, to reach that sparkling sun
Run, because you can
Run, everywhere
Run, and never, ever stop.

That song is my favorite,
Because it must be
The choice is either the song or the silence
So- obviously- the music is the best option.
There are days when I doubt this,
When I want to jam my fingers in my ears
And drown it out
Choose a different song,

I love the sun,
I tell myself
I love to bathe in it, to bask in it, to reach for it
Sometimes when I hold up my hand,
The air is breezy, calm and cool
More often than not, gusts of wind obstruct
My vision
And I pull my hand back down, for comfort.

I hold that hand close to my heart,
To feel its beat, its rhythm
The rhythm that occasionally steps out of tune,
To sing about things creativity,and love
And millions of flashing points of light in the darkness
A surprise to everyone, even me
But surprises are joyful…
Aren’t they?

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