Good Enough

October 20, 2010
I don't deserve anything,

when all I'm capable of is hurting you.

And even my thoughts are twisted,

Your too good for me in every way.

I feel like screaming knowing I'm not good enough for you.

Can never be who you think I am.

So broken beyond repair.

Not even you can fix me.

What's worse is you can't tell,

So blinded by what you want to see.

Everything is all my fault.

Sickening, how much you care.

Why can't you hate me like you should?

Loathe me or detest me,

anything besides love me.

Because I can't help you there.

The one thing you ask back,

and I can't give it to you.

Like I don't owe you enough.

How can I make you understand me.

My heart sinks every time

I realize just how far you'd go,

to make a selfish person happy.

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