My God

October 20, 2010
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The sun light shines through the dusty window in my heart
So long it’s been since the light has shined inside my chest

I’ve hidden inside the dark, a heavy blanket draped on the window
Till one day I ripped down the blanket and let the light shine threw.

The sunshine bouncing from wall to wall: Corner to corner
Space to Space; I’m seeing my life in a whole new way

It took time for me to understand darkness is bad
And light is best, dropping the blanket onto the floor.

If only I could grasp the sunlight, I could hold it forever
Replacing the darkness with a bright shining light

You are my light, my protector, my father
You are the one that has held me through the darkness.

No longer scared to be alone, you are the one I will run to
You are the light shining in the dusty window of my heart.

My love, my dear, my creator, my father, and my God
The light of my life, the protector from darkness.

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