The True Abyss

October 20, 2010
By BleedingTearsCryingBlood BRONZE, Pendleton, Indiana
BleedingTearsCryingBlood BRONZE, Pendleton, Indiana
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"Read on to discover a soul deeper than your own. Read on to find the innermost feelings, and thoughts of a creative mind. Read on to find something you may or may not understand."

Follow me into the abyss
The place where hearts beat
and souls gather
Where eternal life exists for all
Follow me into oblivion
Sweet darkness
No words
Nothing to see
Nothing to hear
Living in peace
The worlds dearest wish come true
Follow me into the abyss
Where we can live
In simple harmony
Follow me
Reach into yourself
and find that place deep inside
The place where lovers love and wishes come true
Find the place where nobody hates
The place where peace really does exist
And follow me there
For this place
This place inside of you
Is the true abyss
The true oblivion

The author's comments:
This piece was just something that I wrote from the heart. Make of it what you will some people think its morbid. I wll not tell you what I was thinking when I wrote it so as not to disrupt your interpretation.

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