Love is a Labyrinth

October 20, 2010
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Love is a labyrinth, a puzzle untamed
A new discovery, awaiting unnamed
A circle unbound, but frayed at the edges
Hiding beneath the thorn studded hedges.
A battlefield fought, a war that love bled
A jumble of words, thought but not said
A burning desire, from deep in the soul
The shared connection from evening night strolls.
Something remarkable, sends sparks of magic
But don’t take it for granted, lest it end tragic.
Weary hearts sting, tears like rain flow
A soul that withers in its own woe.
May you choose wisely, your mate everlasting
You’ve till the bells ring, don’t wait for its passing.
He's only one, on this winding of maze yet to come,
Don’t take it in resentment, learn from it, not shun.
For alas your soul mate, still at the center he waits.
But will you choose blindly before you’ve got passed the gates?
The ones who took the dunce they met on the way,
The soon found that their love was at bay.
But the wise one who knew she would have many loves,
Knew she should wait for her true love to come.
She wisely and happily made her way through the maze,
And lives happily ever after, through the rest of her stay.

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