Lets Speak The Truth Now

October 20, 2010
Don't over-look it.
The name is Tiff,
Can you feel my drift?
A person so cold,
Cannot be controlled.
I'm such a disgrace,
Though your tracks I erase.
So what if I am cruel,
I must be stuck in neutral.
I'm a huge peice of work,
And only smile evil smirks.
Not a bit of respect,
So who else can I reject?
My ways are ridiculous,
My darkness....tremendous.
I won't waste time to write of you.
After all you're the victim...so true.
Let people hear of the true me.
This is what everyone needs to see.
But this time, let me tell my own story.
It's a sunny theme that you made out to be stormy.

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brokenlove said...
Nov. 11, 2010 at 1:22 pm
great story ^.^ i thought it was fantastic and spoke to me a lot
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