When Pigs Fly

October 24, 2010
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Imagine the liquid alcahol flying arounf every which way
Think of the drunk,"hot chicks" that fall over you
All of this seems like heaven,you forever want to stay
Everything you've ever asked for and weed,too
You don't care what is done to your body,as long as it feels good
And as long as youd on't have to live in your normal life
There is no thought and no one care of what it is you should
However,these things can take you away to where you're not alive
All of this hell for a couple hours of falsley input joy
Everyday one can only espect thise lifestyle to just get worse
It could ruin your relationships and love becomes so coy
For the desires of your heart and money in your purse
You don't realise how it's your choice to live this way
That if you don't want blurred,insane,hopeless vision
You can be whoever you want to be,don't be afraid
Even if it is no the easiest choice of incisions
Don't give in to what the others around you want
Because this is your journey amd this is your life
But,if they keep buggin you and their words still haunt
Tell them you'll come back when pigs fly

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