October 24, 2010
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The turnout of the day is made when we wake up
We either think it's going to be good or bad
Some will think it'll be terrible,some waking up is enough
I guess we never know what we really had
Before it slips out of your hands like quicksilver
Something once porcelin,precious and divine
Is now lost in what seems like the devil's liver
We know it's hopeless to try to search and find
Yet,some think they need more of the material
That they must absolutely need new clothes or perfume
They are blind if they cannot see their downfall
In greed's flames,I promised they will be consumed
If life was as precious to them as the lust of their hearts
If only their first priority wasn't themselves
How could they even imagine how to start
To wipe the dust off their heart and leave hell
Some people will never have the ambition to see the earth
Or be content with looking into their lover's eyes
Only until they can see other people's hurt
Could they be with themselves,fully satisfied

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