20 Things I Hate About You

October 24, 2010
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I hate how I can't go away when you grab my hand
I hate how no one else can make me calm
I hate how long you wait and how long you just stand
I hate how always catch me after I fall
I hate that you can never stop looking into my eyes
I hate how many ways you can make me stay
I hate how it's never that you will realize
I hate when I love that you get your way
I hate that there's nothing I can do about the way I feel
I hate that most of my mind is always thinking of you
I hate the way that it's my interest you can steal
I hate that it's you who has truely taken over
I hate when you take your sport and take a toll
I hate how I love it when you're my four-leaved clover
I hate how I can never go on loving someone else
I hate how when I'm with you I feel how you're too tall
I hate how it's not really your height,but yourself
Most of all,I hate how I don't hate you at all

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