I'll be there..

October 24, 2010
By Anonymous

I see a world,
that always has a hope to hold..
Young colt was I in the fields of gold,
gumping all about with a heart so bold..
The heavenly chirrupings from the angel's nightingale,
sweet flowing of crystal into the silvered pole..
Was it the world I was born to rule? ,
for it has no sorrows but for me to rule..
For I just thought, I'm the only mortal,
Until a beautiful maiden brushed me around....

She was a muslin covered angel's white,
who stole my heart all in a might..
Her feet but just kissed the ground, ,
and flowers blossomed moving round..
Followed i like a shadow, ,
for she was gliding as an angel's dove..
'This is the world! ! ' thought I,
until we reached the edge so high...
She gave me hand for jinxed was I,
until melodies spoke 'Stay with me' said she,
She fell back! ! ! ! with tears on my cheeks,
and I jumped for her from the hill's steep..
M y hands touched hers,
and I thought i'm for her..
For we stayed together even at our end,
as if we're born for each other's love...

But for last it all happened in a flash,
and all around me was nothing but ash..
How was it, if the world for me! !
Alas! ! it's nothing but just a sweet dream...

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