I Am Here

October 23, 2010
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up i look
down i lay
i think my thoughts
until night becomes day
why am i here
why do i exist
if i had one question
it would be this
why was i brought here
what is my true meaning
what is the reason for my being
i think and i think
and yet i can't comprehend
why is it so that i don't understand
finally it hits me comes into view
why i am here?
i do have a meaning
yes it is true
my meaning is to be here
for them, me, and you
to be a protector
save you from harm
to be a leader
guide you by arm
to be a guardian
always be there
to be a supporter
lend you a hand
to be your teacher
when you don't understand
to be your hope
when no more you can stand
feel free to lean
my shoulder is here
i shall carry you now
whether it be far or near
just you rest
lay back and unwind
think your thoughts and take your time
ive been in your position
ive walked in your shoes
ive walked my path now its time you choose
go the dark road filled with disappointment
or follow the light path
covered in bliss
Wait before you choose know this
both paths are the same
only one sugar-coated
and one plain
they both lead the same place
whichever you choose
i can't choose too
i must back off
let you do you
you've grown so much
since we've last walked
so take my blessing
and off you go
to dream your dreams and reach your goals
i wish you the best
but do know this
i will always be here
to carry you
when you need a rest

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