A Letter From A Soldier

October 23, 2010
Dear Mom and Dad
I'm sorry to say
But this is goodbye
As I serve to protect my home
The U.S.A

You said you would stand by me
I hope I come back safe to your open arms
I hope you understand
I hope you pray for me
I need you to be strong for me

Mom I know you never wanted me to do this
But I want to protect my country
Dad you said it's ok for me to do this
Now I'll see if you meant it or not
Now there is no going back

You need to know
I gave up my life for you
I gave up my life for freedom
I need to fight
I need you to be proud
I need you to be brave
My love will stay as I go
I pray and cry every day until I return
God is here protecting me from evil
And his strength embraces me
As I fight with the U.S Army

I'm sorry it hurts to see me leave
I'm sorry for what could happen
I'm sorry I'm leaving to go fight
I'm sorry for making you worry
It will help if I know you
Forgive me

I'm asking as your son
Will you stand by me no matter what?
Will you still love me when I'm gone?
Will you be there when I look?
I really need your support

Bullets are shot and bombs are launched
But all I see is red white and blue
When I'm on the front lines
When I look, the flag is high in the sky
And it is always waving with freedom

Mom and Dad I want you both to know that I love you
I want you to know my love is right here with you
My love never leaves
Please promise me you'll wait for me
I can't wait to return home into your loving arms
I love you both

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musicluver123456 said...
Nov. 21, 2010 at 4:07 pm
i knw how parents feel im thinking about joining the air force and my mom is agasent it but my dad is all for it
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