meemee's poem

October 23, 2010
By Haley Haggard BRONZE, Barrington, New Hampshire
Haley Haggard BRONZE, Barrington, New Hampshire
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Dialing that number
Knowing very well that nobody will answer
Thoughts racing through your mind
Screaming at you to forget
Louder and louder
They make you deaf
Just wanting to hear her voice
But that will never happen.
Balancing on a thin line of false hope
Reciting the all too familiar words to yourself
Things she’d always tell you
Makes you miss her more
If only you could make it stop
If only your mind would stop producing memories
Knowing she’s gone helps nothing
Building yourself up on hope that doesn’t even exist
Things that aren’t even possible
Yet you don’t stop
You still keep picking up that phone
Still keep dialing
Just looking for an answer to all your pain.

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