What is a Child?

October 23, 2010
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A child is rarely judgemental; someone who forgives and forgets; always there when you need a friend.

From a brand new coloring book to learning how to ride their bike, a child is someone who finds joy in the simple things of life.

A child is someone who is always showing their true self. They never try to be someone they're not.

Kisses, bear hugs, and I love you always come from a child. All they want is to be loved in return.

A child is someone who wants little. A new pair of shoes or a freshly baked cookie can bring the biggest smile to a child's face.

Dreams of becoming a fireman, princess, or astronaut always race through their mind. A child is always dreaming big.

Brand names and shiny cars mean nothing to a child. They are easily pleased by inexpensive things.

A child is a niece, a son, or a grandchild; a part of our everyday lives.

A child shows us the true meaning of life.

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