Kiss Of Death

October 23, 2010
By , South Plainfield, NJ
Your kiss of death hangs on my lips,
And burns a hole in the pit of my heart.
Your presence lingers in my thoughts, my soul.

I try to cut the pain away, carve you out of my mind.
But it creates a massacre, stains of crimson red.

I reach my hand out to yours, but you have not the desire that I have: to be together.
Instead you turn your head away in confusion and regret,
Your beautiful face now cold and emotionless like porcelain

Your lips long to touch mine no more,
But I just want you all the more..

To hold you in my arms, keep you safe, allow you to forget about your struggles.
Make you blind to the crowds of awkward discriminating people surrounding us, criticizing our every move.

To show you new things you'd never dreamt of,
Allow you to experience moments that you'll never be able to distinguish from your memory.

I long to be yours, to promise to make you happy, keep a smile bright on your face.
Let the world know that you're mine.

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